Background & Experience

Asim Mehmood is a licensed CPA in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has experience helping small businesses, healthcare professionals, retail businesses, property management companies, and high net worth individuals. He has been working as a professional accountant for the last ten years. He attended business school in the Philippines to earn his Master of Business Administration after receiving his Bachelor’s and an Associate’s degree in Pakistan.

Asim started his own practice in 2015 to advise and consult small businesses in Las Vegas. He enjoys working with people and helps them in challenges faced by their businesses and advise them to succeed. He also helped individuals and businesses who were struggling financially during the COVID-19 crisis.

Asim saw great opportunities with his experience and entrepreneur skills to advise and consult in the commercial real estate industry. Asim transitioned to commercial real estate and offers his clients the potential to create wealth through real estate investments. He will bring his financial expertise in order to help his clients as well as being conversant in two different languages, English and Urdu.

Asim enjoys spending time with family and jogging on trails