Background & Experience

Cody has been actively involved in many facets of the real estate industry for over two decades. His long history of involvement in the commercial real estate industry began while gaining valuable experience as a mortgage broker. Subsequently, he transitioned into the role of an asset manager for a real estate investment fund. In this position, Cody successfully raised capital through debt and equity offerings, specifically targeting investments in mixed-use development within opportunity zones. This hands-on experience afforded him the opportunity to collaborate with local municipalities and evaluate the feasibility of multiple redevelopment projects aimed at addressing the challenge of housing affordability in urban areas.

In addition to his involvement in urban planning and development, Cody has acted as a representative for a diverse range of investment clients, facilitating property acquisitions and dispositions throughout Arizona. Driven by a strong commitment to excellence and unwavering professional standards, Cody is devoted to providing expert representation to buyers and sellers. He equips them with the necessary information and tools to achieve success in their endeavors.

Scope of Service

Cody possesses a wealth of experience in the realm of commercial real estate, making him a valuable asset to clients seeking guidance. Specializing in marketing and selling retail properties and office space, Cody assists landlords in navigating the changing landscape of today’s market, which includes challenges such as higher interest rates, increased costs due to persistent inflation, and insufficient debt service coverage. With a keen understanding of market dynamics, Cody excels at strategically positioning these properties, ensuring successful transactions even in challenging environments. Moreover, Cody extends his expertise to tenants, helping them locate and acquire properties that align with their objectives for occupancy cost control. Through meticulous financial analysis, Cody assesses the viability and potential profitability of investment opportunities in retail and office asset classes, empowering clients to make informed decisions. Skilled in negotiations, deal structuring, and transaction management, Cody facilitates smooth and favorable outcomes for both buyers and sellers.

In addition to this wide range of services, Cody brings extensive experience in the mixed-use asset class and expertise in long-term value growth investments, particularly in land development. This broadens the scope of offerings, allowing Cody to provide comprehensive guidance and assistance to clients seeking opportunities in mixed-use properties and land development projects.