The Maples, a condo project with 132 unbuilt but platted lots in Tooele was left partially completed during the Great Recession.  While the project saw initial success with 14 buildings completed including the pool and clubhouse, 132 lots were left platted but unbuilt.  Water had to be secured for the unfinished portion of the project and then sold with the platted lots and all of the improvements in place.  This represents a great opportunity for the buyers, who are also builders based on the Wasatch Front.

“As one of the last broken projects from the last housing boom, this project represents a great opportunity for the buyers.  They will be able to step into the existing development and deliver a quality project at a very affordable cost.  The location near all of the key amenities in Tooele and its status as one of very few foreclosure deals left makes this deal a rare find in todays strong market,” said real estate broker, Neil Walter with NAI Excel.


Neil Walter, CFA
Managing Director