Tammy Bingham, Director of the new St George Brain Balance Center offers her amazing story:

We have three children, Brody (8), Wyatt (6) and Hazel (4). Our boys both attended the Brain Balance Program this summer and changed dramatically. Brody has no official diagnosis but before Brain Balance his symptoms included: hyperactivity, impulsive behaviors, lack of focus, sensory issues and poor gross and fine motor skills. He wasn’t able to ride a bike, catch a ball, hated sports, had a hard time with handwriting, etc. He was taught at home because his struggles prevented him from succeeding in a typical classroom. Wyatt was diagnosed with Autism at age two. Before Brain Balance he was not able to communicate even after years of behavioral therapy. He was still not potty trained, he was hyperactive, he ran away all the time, was very obsessive and was an extremely picky eater.

For a period of four years we tried dietary changes, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, nutritional supplements, intensive behavioral therapy, private tutors and more. We were extremely discouraged because even after all of the time, money and effort we had invested in helping our boys, we only saw minimal changes. Then we discovered Brain Balance. Because there were no centers near us, the kids and I moved across the country so that the boys could attend a Brain Balance Center. By the end of four months we had seen more progress, improvements and changes than we had seen in the previous four years combined.

For the first time in his life Brody is enrolled in school and doing very well academically and socially. His focus has improved and he is much less hyperactive and impulsive. His handwriting and fine motor skills improved immensely. He now loves to read and homework is no longer a fight. Brody now rides his bike without training wheels and he loves to play sports with his friends.

Although Wyatt is not yet completely balanced, his changes were huge! After only a few weeks of Brain Balance, Wyatt was finally potty trained! I will always remember the first time he called me “Mama” and started calling his siblings by name. He stopped running away all the time and his hyperactivity decreased. He now follows instructions and is even trying new foods that we were never able to get near him!

Brain Balance has changed our family forever. It is by far one of the most amazing things I have witnessed in my life. My hope is that other families will find Brain Balance first and save themselves the pain, struggle, heartache, financial burden, marital and family stress, etc. that we and so many other families have experienced. Because of this, we have worked to bring Brain Balance to the families in our community. We look forward to the families of Southern Utah experiencing the same changes and miracles with which we have been blessed.

To read more about their journey, go to: ourbrainbalancejourney.blogspot.com

The new Brain Balance Center will be located at 446 S Mall Drive and is scheduled to open the first part of 2012. The location is perfect for the new Brain Balance Center, said Jon Walter of NAI Utah Southern Region. It is across from Fossil Ridge Intermediate School and next to Anytime Fitness making it convenient for parents. Because the space was unfinished, Brain Balance is able to customize the suite and create the right environment to improve brain development. The right environment combined with the right program will allow these children to achieve the highest level of success in their learning.