The old Stampin’ Up building in Kanab, Utah will be put to reuse as a recycling facility.  Rob Harris and Jenifer Winward have joined forces to share their experience in recycling to build a new resource for Kane County and Southern Utah. 

Since 2003, Mr. Harris has been the owner of Blue Sky Recycling which covers Washington, Iron, and Kane Counties.  Jenifer Winward is the former Recycling Coordinator for Washington County. Mrs. Winward helped to implement and build the first county-wide recycling program in Southern Utah.   
Five County Recycling, LLC. (FCR) opened its doors on June 1, 2012.  Residents, businesses, nonprofits, and government entities are encouraged to drop off their cardboard, paper, plastics, and metals.   The facility is located at 6749 Highway 89 in Kanab, Utah. 
The mission of FCR is to collect, sort, bale, and ship recyclable commodities.  Five County creates demand for recycling material, lowers transportations costs, and increases the recycling opportunities for residents, businesses, and government entities.  Five County Recycling is devoted to creating a sustainable business that builds economic, social, and environmental benefits.  In order to achieve this efficiently, FCR is committed to educating the public and bringing together resources to continually improve and facilitate recycling efforts.  
“Processing used materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, and reduce energy usage is a key component of modern waste reduction” said Jenifer Winward of Five County Recycling.  Neil Walter, of NAI Utah Southern Region, who represented both landlord and tenant in the lease transaction said: “The community is really excited to have this service introduced. Often small communities get overlooked for recycling services.”
If the facility is closed, public drop off bins are located outside the building for convenience.  Commercial businesses are encouraged to call ahead so that the facility can make accommodations.  Please call Rob Harris for questions about drop off or pickup at (435) 644-5055 or (435) 619-1994.      
For more questions about education opportunities or about what is recyclable, please contact Jenifer Winward (435) 619-2152 or