Art lover and mine owner David Penney, along with Tina Robinson and Desiree Shotwell, have combined together to bring the community of Beaver the “Love the Art” Gallery , located at 1361 N 300 W, near McDonalds and I-15. David worked with Jason Griffith and Meeja McAlister from NAI Utah Southin locating a suitable location for the business, as well as Neil Walter, also with NAI, who represented the landlord.

 The family has been in the mining business for many years and owns one of the best fire agate mines in the world. They are also the largest producer of Picasso marble, Utah varascite, and snowflake obsidian in the world. In fact, most of the rock carvings you will see in the gallery comes from Utah.
In addition to the gallery, they will also have a coffee house, serving pastries, cappacinos, lattes, expressos, fruit smoothies, and much more. Customers will be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while they check out and enjoy the art, or they can use the drive-thru if they are short on time.