Are you getting the most out of your asset?

NAI Asset Services is now offering a FREE Property Performance Audit. This service offers owners access to our vast resources and experience to give them an unbiased, expert opinion on the performance of their asset. At NAI Asset Services, we are committed to providing our clients with resources to help their assets perform at their highest levels.

We will look at all aspects of your property and give you recommendations to reduce costs, increase rents and improve your long-term net operating income. This resource will provide you with a benchmark of the potential of your property by comparing it to similar properties in your area. Your report will be designed to provide you with the hard data that you need to improve the return on your investment.

As the market has improved in St. George, many property owners haven’t adjusted
their rents and have left them at recession levels. Let us show you your property’s potential so you can take full advantage of the economic climate in your area.

You can also use this resource if you are contemplating purchasing an asset and
would like us to give you our opinion about the potential of that property. Call or email and speak with us about this service as well as any others that we can provide.

Jon Vandermyde

Director, Asset Management

Tim Stroshine

Asset Manager