Ontium Medical, has selected St. George, UT as the primary location for their new manufacturing site. The manufacturing facility, located in the Ft. Pierce River Park Industrial Center, is in the process of its final set up and expects to be producing medical products by late December 2011. Mathew and Pat Chappell and Jason Griffith and Meeja McAllister at NAI Utah Southern Region worked together to facilitate the transaction.


Well known for their wide range of clinical knowledge and medical industry experience, Ontium Medical was founded with the purpose of researching, developing, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing high quality, innovative medical devices that fill critical needs in the health care industry. Ontium’s primary products are derived from working with key healthcare practitioners who have unique, specialized, and specific exploratory and surgical needs that are not being met adding additional time and cost to procedures and surgeries.


The TapClear™ Cup, manufactured for use in a physician’s office to assist in the clearing of clogged suction cups during office procedures, will be one of the two main medical products that Ontium Medical will be manufacturing. The second medical device designed and manufactured by Ontium is referred to as The TapClear™ Trumpet. This unique medical device will be used in hospital operating rooms worldwide for the clearing of clogged suction tips during surgical procedures. The initial design of both products are focused on procedures typically performed by Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physicians. Future designs will expand the utilization of the product to other medical specialties.


The two TapClear™ products have been in research and development since 2010 and are uniquely designed to tap the clog in the suction device clear instead of the current method of manually trying to clear a clogged suction tube. These patent pending medical devices will provide a high level of convenience, time, and cost effectiveness that will be extremely advantageous for physicians in both the office and hospital operating room settings.