The Utah Republican Party has chosen the location for the Southern Utah Victory office located at 134 North 200 East, Suite 210 in St George, UT.
The Utah Republican Party realizes how crucial this election is for the future of America and looks forward to using this office to make calls and distribute campaign literature supporting the Republican candidate’s efforts to get the country back on track. “In the campaign to come, the American ideals of economic freedom and opportunity need a clear and unapologetic defense, and I intend to make it – because I have lived it,” says Romney in an earlier speech.
Utah GOP staff contacted Neil Walter, of NAI Utah SouthernRegion to assist them in finding a location that would be easily accessible, centrally located, and built with an accommodating floor plan. After a few days of working with his executive assistant, Abraham Thiombiano, they identified a few suitable options and presented them. After careful consideration, the team settled on the business park because of its proximity to the center of town, the municipal offices, the courthouse, and the college”.
The office is located at 134 North 200 East, Suite 210 in St George, UT.  The building is right behind ERA Brokers Consolidated in the Boulevard Office Park. The location will have signs and other campaign literature available for pick up.  It will also be used to help support campaign efforts in Nevada- a key swing state in the November election.
For more information about the Utah GOP Victory Office or the Mitt Romney Campaign, please contact Gary Webster at 435-703-3335 or