Ydraw LLC, a company founded by Jace Vernon, MBA and Curtis Pace, has moved into a large office space on East Tabernacle to be used for continuing company operations. Ydraw LLC has perfected the process of building, editing, publishing and marketing online videos, primarily whiteboard animation videos.  Videos are built, from scratch, in a thorough and efficient four-step process for all types of businesses.
“The key to successful communication is realizing that all communication is opportunities to educate, motivate, and inspire, and requires an emotional and visual connection to make an impact.  Ydraw brings all these concepts together into one beautiful video masterpiece” says Curtis Pace.
Scribe videos use whiteboard animation to convert, inspire, and impress. These videos convert more prospects, maintains attention, create more opt-ins, and explain messages in such a way that will be remembered.
“It is our job at Ydraw to create the absolute best Video Scribing Video for our clients” adds Jace Vernon, co-founder. “Ydraw builds a video that fits the needs of the company, draws attention, and is not forgotten.”
“I’m very happy to see YDraw growing and attracting a lot of new clients. It is a pleasure to assist a local business that has been recognized as a top video producer nationally” says Abraham Thiombiano.
Abraham Thiombiano and Wes Davis, of NAIUtah Southern Region,  facilitated a transaction to relocate YDraw into new company headquarters, located at 249 E Tabernacle in the St George Central Business District, and across the street from Village Bank. If you would like more information on Ydraw, please call (801) 592-1026 or email info@ydraw.com. Examples of videos can be found on the company website at www.ydraw.com