NAI Excel’s COO, Jon Walter, provided feedback along with other industry professionals regarding the current outlooks for Growth in Southern Utah to The Spectrum newspaper.

While St. George has been consistently one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the US, the growth rate during and after COVID-19 may be affected.

“As COVID-19 brought widespread closures of major events and businesses, industry insiders watched closely to see whether the area’s major construction plans for 2020 might be impacted. In St. George, the results have so far been mixed.” – The Spectrum

Walter stated, Although there has been a solid impact, we’ve been less impacted than a lot of these other places as California is looking at what their government has done. People  are now asking themselves where they can go that they can have a high quality of life, enjoy the outdoors and if something major like this happens again, not be in a large metro area like New York.”

Brian Kane, director of construction for Watts Construction also added that current projects are still on schedule or have slight delays, but future project owners are considering delays in starting their projects to assess the COVID-19 impact on the economy.

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