Kitchen Thai Express

Meeja McAllister, Commercial & Investment Specialist at NAI Excel is excited to announce the Grand Opening of Kitchen Thai Express at 1626 W Sunset Blvd in St. George, Utah. Despite COVID-19 conditions, McAllister began working with the owners to find the right place to start their restaurant.

“We feel super grateful to have found Meeja from NAI who has allowed us to put our vision on display.” Stated John, owner of Kitchen Thai Express, “The location is perfect because it is facing Sunset where passing cars are able to notice our restaurant. Meeja has found a perfect space where we can spread our love for food and our culture with St. George. We are excited to build and grow with this community.”

“It’s Difficult finding second-generation restaurant spaces available.” Stated McAllister, “Kitchen Thai started from a grey shell and built their space exactly how they wanted it, and their location is in a very desirable area that is not too saturated with Thai Food.”

“Kitchen Thai Express is a place where we want to share the flavors from our kitchen at home, bringing fresh ingredients and authenticity to our plates.” John added, “We created this space with the help of our friends and family who put in creative efforts to make this place feel special.”

Meeja McAllister

Meeja is a commercial real estate specialist with NAI Excel where she specializes in industrial, office, and retail properties. Meeja began her real estate career in 2003 after moving to St. George. Since then, she has been involved in thousands of real estate transactions.

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