According to the County Assessor’s Office, property tax rolls were closed two weeks ago.  We are being told that property tax notification letters should go out around the end of July.  The Board of Equalization hearings are slated for the end of August.  To view your property’s assessment for 2013, you can now view the assessment online at the Washington County Assessor’s website:
  1. Enter your tax ID under ‘Parcel Number’ and the top and then click Search below
  2. Click on the blue-highlighted number just below ‘Account #’
  3. Your 2013 market value is in the top left corner


There is no sense for anyone to pay more property tax than their fair share.  Even if tenants are paying the property taxes, it is still advantageous to appeal, thereby helping tenants save money and making your property more competitive. 
Utah law requires all property assessments to be based on the current fair market value each January 1st.  The basis for an appeal must be the property’s income or comparable property sales during the prior calendar year.  If you believe your valuation from last year or this year’s assessment is too high, please call NAI to discuss.
Contribution by Jason Griffith, CCIM
(Graphic by Daniel Moyle through / creative commons use)