Ashley Guy, owner of Utah Trikes, recently opened a St George showroom at 412 E. St George Blvd.  Utah Trikes is a specialty recumbent trike shop with headquarters located in Payson, Utah.  These trikes are also known as tadpole recumbent trikes. Recumbent means that the rider is sitting down with feet and pedals in front. These trikes have three wheels-two in the front and one behind the rider. The other style of trike is known as a delta trike and has one wheel in front and two in the back.

“Our goal is to create the perfect trike for each rider through proper adjustment and customization. Riders with special needs will appreciate the many modifications we can make” said Ashley Guy. “We carry the full range of trikes from Big Cat HPV Catrikes, HP Velotechnik, ICE Trikes, Greenspeed, KMX Karts, Sun Trikes, and more. We have more models of recumbent trikes in stock than anyone else and pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and easily accessible.”
For those who want to save money, live a healthier lifestyle, and be part of the solution by giving back to the environment, Utah Trikes has what you are looking for. To switch your daily commuter to a human powered vehicle will dramatically cut your carbon emissions. This is also a great and practical way to exercise daily without affecting your already busy schedule.
“Abraham was persistent and easy to work with. We appreciate all the hard work and negotiating he did on our behalf” said Ashley. Abraham Thiombiano with NAI Utah Southern Region represented the tenant and Meeja McCallister and Jason Griffith, also with NAI Utah Southern Region represented the landlord.
Feel free to call (866) 446-2065 or email with any questions. Utah Trikes are authorized to ship nationwide. If you’d like to come down and visit the showroom or take a test drive, just stop by. Test rides after hours can be scheduled by calling or emailing. To purchase a trike online, visit