Sunwarrior, a Southern Nevada company based in Overton, is a leading provider of plant-based protein powders and supplements, recently opened a new office at 2250 N. Coral Canyon Blvd in Washington, Utah.  Their new office is 13,217 SF located in Coral Canyon.
“This new office essentially doubles the amount of people we can employ while opening up so many more possibilities for us as a company,” said Denley Fowlke, cofounder of Sunwarrior. “We’re excited to see Sunwarrior thrive in Utah, where Sunwarrior core values seem to resonate with the natural beauty of the area.”
Sunwarrior’s mission is to illuminate mind, body, and planet. Many of their employees have commuted from the St. George area to Overton and Mesquite, where their corporate offices will remain.  So the expansion makes sense for the growing health-food company. Sunwarrior provides high quality, raw, plant-based proteins, greens, and supplements on an international scale. Their products include Warrior Blend, a fusion of plant proteins creating a complete and balanced amino acid profile; Classic Protein, a raw, sprouted, rice protein that is rich in enzymes and easy to digest; and Ormus Supergreens, a mix of greens grown in the rich volcanic soil of Southern Utah, making it high in trace minerals. Raw Activated Barley has also been a staple for years and Raw Vitamins are their most recent addition.
“We and our employees are very excited to have this presence in St. George,” said Fowlke. “The new office is surrounded by beautiful walking trails, close to national and state parks, includes a gym, has stunning views, and allows for the growth and further expansion we’re expecting to come. We’re even thinking about adding a garden or greenhouse. We value our exceptional employees and are hoping to continue to attract and retain the very best.”  Visit http://www.sunwarrior.comnow to learn more about Sunwarrior.






Jason Griffith and Meeja McAllister, with NAI Utah South, represented both the landlord and tenant in the transaction.